Psychotherapy Services

Each of my clients is unique and our psychotherapy work together is tailored to meet individual needs at the given time of treatment. In addition to treating eating disorders, and being versed in working with additions (including adult children of addicts), I work well with adolescents, adults, seniors, couples and families, seeking help with a broad range of issues such as:

  • depression
  • anxiety, panic disorders
  • anger
  • shame
  • negative, catastrophic thinking, self-sabotage
  • obsessive compulsive behaviors and extreme emotional reactions
  • impulsivity and/or indecision
  • feelings of emptiness, loneliness, dissatisfaction, inertia
  • intimacy and relationship issues; marriage, separation/divorce
  • addiction and recovery
  • career, workplace issues, academic, creative/artistic issues
  • trauma
  • injury, chronic pain, illness
  • life transitions, aging
  • bereavement and loss
  • creating balanced living

I offer a warm, safe, nonjudgmental, accepting environment for clients to openly share thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as well as desires, goals, and ambitions, while learning to appreciate the present. In psychotherapy, clients discover personal insights, understand fears and (unconscious) repetitive thoughts and behaviors, increasing their ability to practice new actions. Clients learn to become accepting of their thoughts, feelings and impulses, while improving their ability to navigate challenges and connect with others.

Psychotherapy also helps clients discover what is true to themselves, rather than conforming to (perceived) expectations of others or unrealistic self-expectations. Clients gain understanding of their genuine needs and learn to make authentic choices, build fulfilling relationships, and consistently pursue personal goals.